These Cozy and Colorful Campers Can Be Towed by Almost Any Car and Fits inside a Standard Garage

Big enough to accommodate two people and small enough to be towed by your car, these cozy campers are simply redefining vacation.

If you’re the type that loves traveling and you’re looking for an affordable and lightweight camper that you can easily tow with your car, then you’d find these cozy and colorful campers a perfect fit.

The MeerKat, a product of "Little Guy Trailers," is a lightweight camper trailer with enough room for two which clearly distinguishes itself from the common trailers you see around.

This trailer weighs only 900 pounds and can be towed by any car, no matter the size, making it possible for you to move your mobile home wherever you want to go. Also, unlike most trailers, it fits inside a standard garage.

It has a wrap-around couch and a center table, like a living room. And when you need to sleep the wrap-around couch folds out nicely, creating enough space for two people.

This innovative trailer also has a galley and sink where you can cook and wash up! And with hidden features such as a portapotty, hanging closet, and an icebox, this mini-trailer makes your travel quite comfortable at an affordable cost.

The Meerkat’s price starts at $17280, and there are enough varieties and models for you to choose from.

If you feel the Meerkat’s price is not so affordable, then you can consider purchasing an old bus and renovating it yourself, as this couple did. A pair of New York teachers, Andrew and Steph MacArthur, acquired an old school bus and transformed it into something suitable for their road trip.

In this digital age, more and more people are embracing remote work, thus finding a perfect balance between work and travel. If your work is one that allows you to travel, then you can consider purchasing a Meerkat and start traveling around the country.

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