Kenyan Helicopter Crash over Remote Island Kills 4 Americans

A helicopter crash over a remote island in Kenya killed four Americans and their Kenyan pilot. The cause of the accident is still unknown.

Kenyan Police reveal that four Americans were killed on Sunday night. Their helicopter crashed on a remote island in northern Kenya.

Authorities revealed their Kenyan pilot was also killed in the crash. The helicopter plummeted from the sky around 8 p.m. local time at Central Island National Park, which sits on a small volcanic island in the middle of Lake Turkana.

The chopper had landed on the island earlier in the day at the Lobolo tented camp. There was another chopper that landed on the island as well. Kenyan police have revealed that the cause of the crash is unknown. The identities of the victims will remain undisclosed until their relatives are reached. 

A spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy in Kenya confirmed that four Americans had died in the crash. They went on to say that they are aware of the crash and are communicating with Kenyan authorities.

The crash comes less than three weeks after a small plane crashed in Kenya's Great Rift Valley region killing five people including two Americans.