Bernie Sanders Slams Donald Trump as 'Most Dangerous President in Modern American History'

Senator Bernie Sanders attacked the US President Donald Trump during a speech that kicked off his 2020 Democratic presidential bid campaign.

During the campaign rally conducted in his native Brooklyn, Sanders dubbed President Trump as “dangerous” while speaking about defeating him during the upcoming elections.

“Thank you for being part of a campaign which is not only going to win the Democratic nomination, which is not only going to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history…” Sanders said during the speech.

Sanders also claimed during his speech that the issues of “racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and religious bigotry” will be avoided by his campaign.

He further added that the “underlying principles” of their government will not be “greed, hatred, and lies.” He stressed the fact that factors including “economic justice, social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice” would guide their government.

Sanders further highlighted the vast difference between Trump’s privileged upbringing to his own humble working class roots.

The 77-year-old senator’s rhetoric for 2020 campaign, which focuses on his personal story, is surprisingly different to the one he adopted during his failed 2016 election campaign when he lost the Democratic nomination to senator Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the policies implementation that he offered to his supporters remained the same, as per Daily Mail.

Sanders’s promise basically involved making the rich pay more tax, making higher education free, and a policy regarding a $15 an hour minimum wage and Medicare.

The senator’s speech was welcomed by a crowd of almost 2,000 supporters as he attempts to run for the Democratic ticket.

The crowd was even heard chanting the slogan, “1,2,3, screw the bourgeoisie” as well as “Green New Deal” to support Democratic plan of tackling climate change.

Sanders is running the new campaign with new professionalism. His campaign HQ has shifted to Washington from Vermont.

Furthermore, his staff now also includes a young progressive Muslim activist taking lead roles as well as women and minorities taking five senior roles.

With the clock ticking for 2020 presidential elections, it is not just the Democratic senators who are attacking Trump ideologies. Recently, a Trump supporter's home was also vandalized after he placed "Trump 2020" flag on his porch.