'Men in Gray' Plotting to Bring down Meghan Markle, Royal Biographer Claims

A royal biographer made out-worldly claims about Meghan Markle and the “men in grey” plotting to bring her down.

The same royal author that wrote Princess Diana’s biography, Anna Pasternak, now claim Meghan Markle is a “threat to the throne” according to insiders. 

Anna recently wrote a book on the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson who had a relationship with Edward VIII whom she eventually married in 1937. 

Edward abdicated the throne to be with her and according to Anna, the Duchess of Sussex is the “rejuvenated the spirit” of Wallis Simpson.

The author described the Duchess as a “vilified woman” and elaborated:

"Meghan is like a grenade that's been thrown into this archaic system, and there are explosions already going on which I think will continue. In a sense, Meghan has rejuvenated the spirit of Wallis, and I hope people take the view of her as a kind, witty, loyal and dignified person who unfairly became the most vilified woman in the world."

Other experts on British & European royalty like Marlene Koening an academic Librarian (BA, MLS) and author of Queen Victoria's Descendants, questioned the validity of Anna's perspective in a tweet:

Mention of the “men in grey” first came up when Diana was still alive and married to Prince Charles. Although they are never named Anna see the men in grey as a threat as she said:

"I fear if Meghan and Harry's star rises too high that will be perceived as the courtiers Princess Diana called men in grey as a threat to the heir. She [Meghan] cannot set the agenda; she has to toe the line and support the monarch and heir. I don't think she realizes that."

As far as being a threat to the throne, a former Royal aide, Patrick Jephson said Meghan’s actions regarding her baby shower, could “open a Pandora’s box of unintended consequences.”

Expenses for Meghan’s trip to Manhattan for her baby shower was personally paid for, but Patrick warned of a fine line that should not be crossed. Word of being “Royal free-riders” can risk their “credibility and dignity.” Royal fans did not respond well to Patrick's comments as one tweeted:

He spent eight years as Princess Diana’s private secretary and “learned to recognize that the line between official and private travel is never just about the money.”

The private jet Meghan flew in reportedly had it's bill footed by George and Amal Clooney, and according to Patrick, the final invoice still goes to the Duchess of Sussex. After all, not all debts require monetary payment. Furthermore, Patrick called Meghan’s baby shower event “unedifying” and added:

“Not just for its excess — though that’s impressively unsettling — but for its calculated recklessness.”

Patrick was not the only one of similar thought, as former Royal butler Paul Burrell also thought Meghan’s baby shower was over the top. 

The luxurious penthouse suite at The Mark Hotel in Manhattan served as the venue for her stay and the baby shower. It has incredible views, and at $75,000 per night, it's also the most expensive hotel room in the United States.

According to Paul Burrell “bewildered” would be a good description for Kate and Prince William’s reaction to Meghan’s extravagance, as Paul wrote in The Sun:

“I think Prince William will be angered by all of Meghan's lavish extravagance this week and the fact her baby shower looked so 'celebrity' rather than 'royal.’ You will not see antics like this from the Cambridge family; there is no way.”

However, fans may still be a tad preoccupied with other gossips like Meghan’s baby shower photos, as some believe it could point to the royal baby’s gender.

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