Infamous California Serial Killer Juan Corona Dies at 85

Juan Corona, one of the country's most notorious and feared serial killers, passed away on Monday at the age of 85. 

California State Prison-Corcoran officials say Corona died of natural causes on Monday morning at an outside hospital.

Corona, also known as "The Machete Murdered," was convicted in 1971 and had been serving 25 concurrent life sentences. 

The bodies of 25 men were found buried in orchards along the Feather River in Sutter County. The victims were later identified as men who had worked for Corona. 

Corona was found guilty in 1973, and was again convicted of all 25 murders and sentenced to 25 concurrent life sentences in 1982.

Corona was transferred from CTF at Soledad to Corcoran State Prison in 1992, where he served a life sentence in the Sensitive Needs Yard (SNY) because he had dementia.

He was denied parole eight times since the early eighties. The next meeting to discuss the eligibility of his probation was scheduled for 2021.

Corona was married twice – to Gabriella E. Hermosillo in 1953, and to Gloria I. Morena from 1959. Moreno and Corona had four daughters. 

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