Parents Protest at Arizona High School after MAGA Gear Controversy

The protest consisted of about 40 people, including parents and students, who feel that the Phoenix high school unfairly suspended a student for wearing MAGA gear. 

The parents were carrying American flags and wearing MAGA gear as they gathered outside Perry High School in Arizona on Monday.

This followed after students were reprimanded for wearing MAGA gear and bringing a Trump flag to school during spirit day. 

The spirit week theme was "Party in the USA," and teachers demanded that the students remove the MAGA accessories. One student was suspended.

Republican Kelly Townsend joined the protests on Queen Creek Road in Gilbert and asked why students with other political gear weren't reprimanded as well: 

"If we're going to take issue with students wearing Trump attire, then why aren't we taking issue with the Wednesday RedForEd attire?"

The school's principal confirmed via an email sent to all parents that the incident was not about curbing political ideas, but about maintaining order on campus. 

He said the students were rowdy and declined to leave campus. They "refused to respond to [his] request to provide their names and school identification."