Protests Erupt over Stephon Clark Shooting, Police Arrest Dozens

Residents protested over the death of 22-year-old Stephon Clark. Officers have arrested more than 80 citizens. 

Clark was shot at least seven times while in his grandparent's backyard, in the late evening of March 2018. His crime was taking a cellphone out of his pocket. 

As reported by CNN, the two officers who shot him won't face charges. The district attorney announced this weekend that the lethal force used was legal. 

Demonstrators took to the streets on Monday and police ordered the protesters to disperse shortly after 9 pm, despite blocking the way back to the demonstrators' cars. 

Captain Norm said more than 80 protesters, including reporters, were arrested, and that the sheriff's department is still "processing it all." As reported by NBC News: 

"Police handcuffed at least three clergy members and Bee reporter Dale Kasler, who was covering the demonstration, the newspaper reported."

Mayor Darrell Steinberg did not condone the arrests and questioned the police's response to the protesters. He added

"I'm very disappointed that the protest ended the way it did. I have many questions about what caused the order to disperse and the subsequent arrests. [...] No matter what precipitated this order to disperse, no member of the press should be detained for covering a protest."

Update: As reported by CNN, the prosecutor on the case announced that the police officers won't face any charges for the shooting. 

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra said that his office conducted a separate investigation "and could not find evidence the officers acted illegally."

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