Sidney Poitier Has 6 Beautiful Daughters from 2 Different Women - Meet All of Them

Sidney Poitier is a Bahamian-American actor who’s also a film director and an author. The famous star was married twice to two different women.

Out of his marriages, the actor bore 6 gorgeous daughters.

Sidney Poitier married his first wife, Juanita Marie Hardy, in1950 and they divorced in 1965. In1976, the legendary actor then married former Canadian actress Joanna Shimkus.

Poitier had four daughters with his first wife and two with his second one. They are Beverly, Pamela, Sherri, the late Gina, Anika, and Sydney.

Sydney Tamiia Poitier-Heartsong followed in her father’s footsteps by choosing an acting career. She’s appeared on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Chicago P.D.,” and “Carter.”

Gina Poitier-Gouraige, 57, worked as an administrative assistant but died suddenly on May 27, 2018. Pamela Poitier also followed her father in the acting industry but she also works as a teacher.

Beverly Poitier-Henderson is the designer for Poitier Henderson Jewelry and Sherri Poitier is a chef. Anika Poitier is also in the movie industry but as a filmmaker.

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The famous actor also has a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In 2017, his whole family came together to celebrate his 90th birthday.

His current wife of more than 41 years, Joanna, was also present. The interior designer shared about her husband saying, "He is the most wonderful, generous, kind, honest man with the most integrity that I've ever known in my life."

On February 20, the actor turned 92 and he celebrated the magnificent milestone with his family once again. Anika took to Instagram to share an image of the family together.

Here are two little known facts about the actor that only his biggest fans would know: he survived prostate cancer. He now regularly donates large amounts of money to cancer research.

In 1974, Poitier was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.