Could Princess Diana Be Expected To Marry Prince Andrew, Not Prince Charles?

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding was the stuff of fairytales, but no one imagined that their relationship would be troublesome. After that, people hoped that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson would be happy but to no avail. However, fans of royalty cannot imagine a world where those former couples never got together, but some people think that it almost happened. Let’s find out more!

Image credits: Twitter/dianaaward

Image credits: Twitter/dianaaward


According to Betty Andrews, the Spencer’s housekeeper, many people who worked at Diana’s house thought that she would end up marrying Prince Andrew instead of the crown prince, Charles. In a new Amazon Prince documentary, ‘The Diana Story’, she added, “We thought she’d be with Prince Andrew.” There were several reasons why the Spencer staff considered the young prince much better suited for Diana.

Prince Andrew was always known for his good looks, but he was also closer in age to Diana than Prince Charles. They think they would have made a better couple. On the other hand, although the maids discussed that possibility, it was never something the princess ever mentioned. Betty Andrews said, “She never said what she wanted to do.”


While Spencer household staff thought that Diana and Prince Andrew were better for each other, the Duke of York almost married someone else instead of Ferguson. His first lover was an actress named Koo Stark. Her full name is Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark. They met around February 1981 and dated for almost two years.

The Daily Mail reported that the couple was seriously infatuated with each other, and the actress even met his family at Balmoral Castle. According to several accounts, she even dazzled the queen. Unfortunately, it was speculated that Stark had done a pretty sensual scene for a movie titled ‘Emily’, and the prince had to end their relationship.

Image credits: Twitter/mirrortv

Image credits: Twitter/mirrortv

According to royal biographer Jessica Jayne in the book ‘Prince Andrew: The War Hero from Buckingham Palace’,

 “If it weren’t for the revelations that she once starred in a soft-porn movie, many believed that Andrew may have married her.”

Image credits: Twitter/mirrorroyal

Image credits: Twitter/mirrorroyal


It was a little heartbreaking that the couple had to end things due to Stark’s job, but Prince Andrew found a new woman several years later and ended up marrying her in a beautiful wedding. However, things did not go smoothly for them either. They were separated a lot due to Andrew’s work in the Navy as he was always far from home.

In 1992, they went their separate ways, and shortly after, Fergie took over all the headlines with her toe-sucking scandal. Things were too rough for them as a result, and by 1996, they got divorced. The Duchess of York’s tricky situation was one of the worst disgraces of the royal family. The Daily Mirror posted some compromising pictures of Sarah during a holiday at St. Tropez.

She was with her “financial advisor”, the Texan millionaire John Bryan, at the time, and he was kissing and licking her toes. Other images showed them kissing at the pool, and another photo revealed that Princess Eugenie was there to witness all the public displays of affection. It was the first time in British royalty history that something like this happened so blatantly.

The day those pictures were taken, Fergie was at Balmoral castle with the royal family. Royal writer Richard Kay told the Daily Mail that Princess Diana had gotten a page the night before the pictures were revealed. It allegedly said, "The redhead's in trouble." John Bryan called Kay to see if he could get an early copy of the paper.

The writer delivered and soon received a call from Fergie. Kay revealed,

"Bryan promised her everything would be fine, but I could see in his face that he didn’t really believe it. In a few short hours, those pictures were going to be on the breakfast room sideboard in the Queen’s castle. They would also be winging around the world to be pored over by millions."

Apparently, the Texan millionaire was upsetting that the news outlets said he was sucking her toes. “I wasn’t sucking her toes, I was kissing them!" Sarah Ferguson left Balmoral with children to her Surrey house. She and Prince Andrew were already separated but it was still scandalous as their marriage was not officially over until 1996.

Fergie still has the title of Duchess of York, but she is not Royal Highness. However, if she marries someone, she would lose the title. Ferguson said that her marriage ended because Prince Andrew was away too much. She added,

"What I got was not the man, I got the palace and didn't get him."

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People did not love Fergie as much as Diana, but she was still liked by the people. She can still be seen attending events with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. In 2013, she was even invited to stay Balmoral by Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana Spencer eventually married Prince Charles and became “the People’s Princess” as she was loved by the whole world. Sadly, her marriage was even more scandalous due to Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Diana’s own cheating. Everything went so horribly for them the queen herself told them to get a divorce.

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They also finalized their separation in 1996, and a year later, the Princess of Wales died in a horrible car crash that shocked every royal fan and changed the lives of poor Princes William and Harry. In 2005, Prince Charles married Camilla, who was named the Duchess of Cornwall. 

Things might have been completely different if Diana married Prince Andrew. Let us know if you think they would have been happier. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who still love Princess Diana. See you next time!

Source: Cheat Sheet, Express, Mirror, Daily Mail, Irish Times, Mirror


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