Prince George's Heritage Once He Becomes King Is Truly Astonishing

Prince George is still very young, but we all know that the five-year-old royal will be king some years down the road. This is not very hard to imagine as he is the third in line to the British throne behind his father, Prince William, and grandfather, Prince Charles.

But do you have an idea of the things he'll inherit once that day comes? A crown on the head means that the boy will have the privilege of enjoying the perks and possessions that come with it. If you're curious to know what things exactly we're talking about, all you gotta do is to scroll down. Check this article out! 

Image credits: Instagram/kensingtonroyal

Image credits: Instagram/kensingtonroyal


No, we are not talking about a real handbag. The is actually a private income dubbed as such that comes from the Duchy of Lancaster. Established in the 1300s, it has a portfolio that entails agricultural, commercial and residential business dealings in 45,600 acres of land. Its purpose is to generate income for the ruling monarch. 

According to The Guardian, the assets are worth around half a billion pounds. And in 2017, the portfolio gave the Queen an income of $26 million; not bad at all! But as Reader's Digest explained, the monarch does not technically own lands; however, little George will get money from the trust in his future role as Duke of Lancaster (yes, apart from being king, he'll also receive that title). 


King George won't have to worry about jewelry to look dazzling as he'll receive tons of it along with his noble title. Of course, talking about high-born people, we couldn't miss out hundreds of jewels. The collection of royal finery and precious jewelry that the Sovereign in the UK can amass is renowned as The Crown Jewels. 

This nearly unfathomable array comprises swords, tiaras, scepters, crowns, and over 23,000 precious and semi-precious gems. Rumor has it the compilation is worth more than $3 billion, and we understand why. One of the stones one can find in the collection is the Great Star of Africa, a flawless clear-cut diamond of 530 carats that is considered the largest one on the whole planet. 

The price tag? The whopping amount of $63 million! Another notable piece is the crown Elizabeth wore during her coronation which has the 106-carat Koh-i-Nur (Mountain of Light) diamond. These two items and the rest are all safely kept in the Tower of London that is guarded by the Yeomen Warders. 


And talking about weird ownership, George wouldn't be a king if they didn't possess something as extravagant as sea life. We are pretty sure you never imagined it'd be possible, but marine wildlife falls under the Sovereign's jurisdiction. A 1324 law, which dates back to King Edward II' monarchy, dictates that any faunas in the ruler's property are also his.

These cover whales, sturgeons, swans, and dolphins. "The king shall have the wreck of the sea throughout the realm, whales, and sturgeons taken in the sea or elsewhere within the realm." The animals must be captured within three miles of the shore to be demanded on behalf of the crown and become "Fishes Royal."

Image credits: Pixabay

Image credits: Pixabay


If you thought that a couple of castles were more than enough, you are very mistaken. Wil and Kate's eldest son will have the opportunity to use some royal residences such as Highgrove House, Llwynywermod, Craigowan Lodge, Delnadamph Lodge, Anmer Hall, Gatcombe Park, Frogmore cottage, Tamarisk, and Birkhall. 

Of course, the future King of England will also have the control of some other dwellings, but he won't be able to sell them as they belong to the Crown Estate. These properties can only be passed to the next generation, as per Insider's report. Some of these are Windsor Castle, Hillsborough Castle, Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, Kensington Palace, and St. James's Palace, only to name a few.

Image credits: Wikipedia

Image credits: Wikipedia


And the best of all is the wage the little Prince will receive once he ascends to the throne, better known as The Sovereign Grant. According to CNBC, this is basically an allowance that the British government will provide to His Majesty to support him financially in his official functions and expenditures, including employee payroll, travel expenses, and palaces maintenance. 

It comes through a treasury that taxpayers fund and is calculated based on 15% of The Crown Estate's earnings for the financial year. The independent commercial property that the reigning monarch owns amassed $325.8 million in profits in 2013, meaning that the Sovereign Grant was 15% which, in other words, is $48.9 million.

Image credits: Pixabay

Image credits: Pixabay

More recently, the British Royalty's website revealed the figures for 2017-2018. As per the official report, The Crown Estate amounted to $397.9 million, producing thereby a Sovereign Grant of $59.7 million. However, Royal Trustees agreed that for the period, the allowance would be calculated based on 25% of the income account instead of the traditional 15%. 

The main reason for this change was to use the additional 10% fund in the reservicing of Buckingham Palace. Therefore, the Sovereign Grant for last year was the staggering amount of  £76.1 million, which is almost $100 million. It is very likely that little George will enjoy some pay rises like the Queen's during his ruling. Feeling envious?

Image credits: YouTube/Inside Edition

Image credits: YouTube/Inside Edition

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This is a lot to take in for a five-year-old boy, so now we wonder if the Prince already knows he'll inherit all the things mentioned above and that he will become the next ruler of England in the long run. Prince William might have already given a hint about this.

As we all know, the Cambridge family's life is constantly in the public eye thank to its royal status. However, they're just like any other household behind the scenes, with George and Charlotte utterly unaware that they are part of royalty.

Image credits: Twitter/Daily_Express

Image credits: Twitter/Daily_Express

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To put it simply, Duke William and Duchess Kate have decided to delay the royal news so that his children can have a normal childhood. According to Hello! Magazine, Prince William stated that as far as they were concerned within their unit, they were a normal family. He further said:

"There’ll be a time and a place to bring George up and understand how he fits in, in the world. But right now it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and showing as much love as I can as a father."

Image credits: Instagram/kensingtonroyal

Image credits: Instagram/kensingtonroyal

We cannot imagine how George will react once he finds out about his upcoming title and all the additional perks and properties. What do you think about them? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, and keep on reading more of the fantastic articles about royalty we have for you! 

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