Inside The Rare Relationship of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry

Like every grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II loves her grandchildren, but the British monarch seems to have a particular soft spot for soon-to-be-father, Prince Harry. Most celebrities and individuals who have met the queen in recent times have come out to say that Her Majesty clearly has been misunderstood for many years.

It turns out that she has a very humorous and lively side, which is seldom displayed in public because she has to stick to the stiff upper lip etiquette. In private settings, she is understood to be very funny. So also is Harry, her grandson. Harry is known to be very lively when among family and friends, thus it's only natural to imagine that the Queen and her grandson have a lot in common and get along well.

Are they really best of friends? Or do they really get along well? There are indications that they do. But the big question is with Harry's wife, Megan now in the picture, what's the grandmother-grandson relationship like? Well, read on, to find out.


Yes, the Duke of Sussex wasn't that close to the queen. Only recently, did we get to know about the sad details of all the prince had to endure mentally, following the death of his mother, about 22 years ago. The mental and emotional torture he experienced, being required to stay stoic, possibly came by the decree of his grandparents who were raised in a quite different age (a time when undergoing therapy was considered to be weak).

However, as we’ve seen, with time, Harry grew comfortable around his grandmother as he became a more mature adult. After getting the emotional help he needed, things got better with between them. How do we know that?


One of the best instances of Harry and the queen being close was in a video posted a few years ago showing them doing a comedy bit for the Invictus Games. This featured Barack and Michelle Obama talking about mic drops, followed by Prince Harry imitating the same next to her majesty.

Most people considered this a charming proof of how well they communicated without any cold stares.


The Queen’s unique bond with Harry could be down to him reminding Her Majesty of her husband Prince Philip. Speaking on Quest Red’s latest royal documentary, Grant Harrold (former butler to Prince Charles) said:

“I think in public we can see that the Queen does let her guard down a bit with Prince Harry. There’s a very special relationship. Sometimes, I wonder if maybe he reminds the Queen a little bit of Prince Philip. You know, with that wonderful, let’s say, the kind of glint in his eye.”


Although he is settling into his more mature role as a husband and soon-to-be dad, Harry is still renowned for his cheeky sense of humor and love of jokes. In her 2010 biography, Royal author Katie Nicholl wrote about one prank that Harry played on the Queen, which gave an aide “the shock of his life”.

Ms Nicholl writes:

“Harry had always been the more troublesome of the two princes and even [the Queen] had been on the receiving end of his pranks.

“One Christmas she was given a mobile telephone and asked Harry to activate a standard voicemail greeting. “Harry insisted on recording personalized message.”

She claims that Harry’s message ran:

“Hey, wassup? This is Liz!

“Sorry I’m away from the throne. For a hotline to Philip, press one, for Charles press two, for the corgis press three.”

She adds that there were also “snorts of mirth from William who could be heard guffawing in the background”.

Ms Nicholl continues:

“The Queen was told of the hoax message when her private secretary Robin Janvrin called up and ‘got the shock of his life’, according to an aide.”


Megan and the queen appears to get along just fine. On more than one occasion, they have been seen interacting in a happy way, and they even made a joint appearance the month after Meghan's wedding with Prince Harry.

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However, following the Sussexes' recent move to Frogmore Cottage, news has it that the queen is too pleased, and has employed a former top aide to look after the royal couple, for whatever purpose. Obviously, she does not quite believe Harry and Meghan will abide by the expected protocol.

Furthermore, the Sussexes are said to want to move to Africa. Is this plan born out of the desire to distance themselves from the rest of the royal household, at least for a while?

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As we've seen, Prince Harry and his grandmother seem to get along well, and we say long may that continue. However, with Meghan now in the picture and baby Sussex soon to arrive, how do you think that will impact on the 'grandmother-grandson' relationship? Leave us comments in the comment section to let us in on your thoughts and don't forget to share this article with a fan of the royal family.

Source: CheatSheet, Express


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