Meghan Markle's first year as a Royal comparing to Kate Middleton's. Who is a better Dutchess?

They’re two of the most talked about and high-profile women in the royal family. And although you’d think they’d be super similar due to a shared lifestyle and interests, as a matter of fact, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle couldn’t possibly be more different. Thanks to social media, the Duchesses are often pitted against each other, with constant rumors of feuding and fighting circling about.

But, honestly, if you ask us, it doesn’t really seem like Kate and Meghan actually have any problems with each other. However, we can’t deny their differences - from personality to style and upbringing, these women have had different experiences when being introduced into the royal family.

Kate Middleton Knew Prince William For Years

When she first started making headlines in the early 2000s, Kate Middleton was widely referred to as a “commoner.” However, little people know the actual truth. Most believe she’s you’re typical girl-next-door that got lucky and married a prince. But, Middleton is actually part of a distinguished upper-middle-class family.

Kate already knew William for years before marrying each other. In fact, they met in college and were even roommates for a while before becoming an official couple. In the years that they were together both as friends and lovers, Middleton had quite some time to become accustomed to Prince William’s unique, royal world and the responsibilities that come along with the future king’s title.

Just like any other regular couple, Kate and William experienced their fair share of ups and downs during their first years of dating. They even broke up for a while before ultimately getting back together. Despite the hardships, everyone thought that Kate and William were a perfect match for each other. It seems like the prince never really took his previous relationships seriously, or at least considered his past girlfriends to be bride material. Alas, William ended up proposing to Middleton in 2010 - and it didn’t really surprise anyone.

Their 2011 royal wedding was a huge deal and became a massive media event. People tuned in from all over the world to watch the joyous event unfold. Ultimately, Kate Middleton received lots of support - both from the people in England and abroad, as she officially joined the royal family.

As expected, the first year for Kate Middleton as a royal was definitely eventful and full of many life-changing moments. At the age of 29, when she got married, the Duchess took her time to adjust to her new life and ease into her new royal duties. And from the outside, it seemed like she always had everything under control, completing every task gracefully.

Meghan Markle Was A Total Outcast

Meghan Markle’s past and background was the complete opposite of Kate Middleton’s. So, naturally, Markle was welcome into the royal family a lot differently, compared to her sister-in-law. The now Duchess of Sussex grew up in California, is a child of divorced parents, and got into acting by using her determination and ambitious nature. Taking all these factors into consideration, it comes as no surprise that Markle’s joining the royal family was a bit controversial and scandalous.

Prince Harry and Meghan ended up meeting through a mutual friend - and the two hit it off from the very beginning. In fact, some say they instantly became inseparable. Even though they got engaged two years after being together, in 2017, people were still completely shocked when the news was announced. Again, this is all because of the Duchess’ background. For one, she’s American. Secondly, she’s an actress. And lastly, she’s already been married before. This gave the British public all the reasons to react differently to Markle, compared to Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ended up marrying each other in May 2018. And things were different for her right from the beginning. Unlike Kate Middleton’s first year of marriage, Markle started working right away. At this point, Prince Harry had been a working royal for a while now, so this meant that his new wife would be joining him instantly on his various charity functions, royal gatherings, and trips abroad.

Their pregnancies are another thing that went differently for both of the Duchesses. Meghan got pregnant almost right after getting married to Harry, whereas Kate Middleton, by contrast, didn’t give birth to Prince George until a couple of years after marrying Prince William.

Meghan or Kate: Who Had It Harder?

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Honestly, both women have had their fair share of challenges and struggles. Adapting to marriage is hard work in and of itself. Plus, when you factor in the dramatic life changes you have to go through when leaving your past life in order to become a royal, the pressure is seriously on. Even though both women didn’t have it easy, it's safe to say that Markle got the short end of the stick, though, compared to Kate.

It’s been more difficult for the actress because of all the negative backlash she constantly received online. The Duchess has to deal with not only with her own personal family drama but racist rants from haters on social media too. These are things that Kate didn’t necessarily have to cope with, on top of everything else she was going through.

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Despite all the negativity, Meghan is still glowing and looks truly happy with Prince Harry, and their recently born baby boy! The Duchess is clearly resilient to all the hate, and couldn’t care less about what some internet trolls have to say. Now, with Baby Sussex finally welcomed into the world, Meghan will receive all the support she needs from her royal family - and we’re almost positive she’ll be turning to her sister-in-law, Kate, for some much-needed baby advice!

What do you guys think about these cases? Did Meghan have a harder time adapting to the royal life compared to Kate? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our related articles about the royals for the latest updated.

Sources: CheatSheet


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