Melissa Ede, Transgender Lottery Winner, Dies Just 18 Months after Winning over $5,2 Million

A transgender woman from Hull who won a multimillion-dollar lottery prize just over a year ago has died suddenly. 

Melissa Ede won $5 million in late 2017 thanks to her Blue scratchcard selection from the National Lottery GameStore at the time.

Ede, 58, worked as a taxi driver in Hull prior to her big win. She had full gender reassignment surgery done to become a woman over ten years ago. 

A week before her death, Ede experienced horrible chest pains that led to a health scare. "You can be here one minute and gone the next," Mirror reports she said at the time. 

Unfortunately, Ede also had to deal with heartless comments from the public following the scare. At least one person said it's "too bad" she didn't die, while others focused on her changed sex. 

In a video, Ede addressed the hate and said she was doing fine. Sadly, she died on Saturday, May 11 due to unknown reasons. Her family is still arranging the funeral for her. 

Ede left behind a fiancée, Rachel Nason, who was the one that dialed 911 days earlier on the Bank Holiday Monday. That day, Ede was taken to the Hull Royal Infirmary for "crushing" chest pains.

Doctors examined her and confirmed it was no heart attack, then cleared her. But Ede said at the time that she felt that "this was it." She added that "it makes you realize how precious life is." 

Ede also had the realization that she wanted a change in her looks weeks before her death. She dished out $54,000 for 23 new teeth, got lip fillers, a nose job, and a facelift. 

Prior to that, Ede had lots of abscess and gaps where some of her teeth were missing from an attack years ago. Incredibly, she would fill the spaces with bits of card, gum, and fake teeth which she bought from eBay.

After the surgery, she said that she would have to "learn to smile again" following her dramatic dental changes. Finally, the online abuse about her teeth would stop. 

The transgender woman has appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show along with a son who claimed he was disowned when his father became a woman. Ede has four other children who abandoned her when she changed.

She's also known for racy videos which she shared to YouTube and Facebook, many of which her family were displeased with. Some included posing in underwear and putting food on her body. 

Nonetheless, there were many who paid tribute to Ede when they learned of her death on Saturday night. Along with the hate, Ede received a lot of love. Our condolences go out to her surviving family. 

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