Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Slams Trump for Giving Tiger Woods a Medal of Freedom

Jimmy Kimmel, while hosting his live TV show, humorously bashed President Trump for awarding Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Published last week, a video clip of the popular talk show host cut from the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show is fast circulating the internet. The clip has Kimmel talking about the just concluded Kentucky Derby and the ceremony recently held at the White House to award Tiger Woods the highest civilian honor award.

Trump chose to bestow Tiger Woods, a widely acclaimed sportsman, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The new clip posted on YouTube has Kimmel shading the pair.

Full of humor, Jimmy Kimmel criticized the President who had excitedly taken to Twitter to comment on the annual horse race just like any other livid person present would. Kimmel, to a laughing audience, heavily weighed in on Trump misspelling Kentucky “Kentuky” in his tweet!


The 51-year-old TV personality went on to critique the president's choice to bestow the presidential medal of freedom on Tiger Woods.

Kimmel, with almost no care for the world, poked fun at Woods by calling him the “the Pride of Hooters.” His shade at Trump who had delivered a lengthy speech while awarding Woods, however, stole the show as he hinted at the tension between Trump and the award-winning star. Kimmel said:

“This is the kind of event Trump loves to do as President. I've never heard him speak so long and so lovingly about anyone other than himself.”

The snarky comments didn't end there as the host went on saying:

“Tiger finally gets the medal of freedom and Trump finally gets a black athlete to the White House to accept something.”


Since becoming president, Trump has been one of the most controversial people widely talked about in the United States. His unrelenting views when it comes to politics has earned him a lot of anti-fans.

A large fraction of athletes and champion sports teams, known to be predominantly black, don't particularly favor the current president and have deterred from the known tradition of visiting the White House.

That is why Kimmel’s statement holds a lot of meaning as he praises Trump for finally getting a “black athlete” to visit him!

That, however, doesn't make Tiger Woods any less deserving of the medal. The millionaire is well-known when it comes to performing charitable works.

Decades ago, he and his father started The Tiger Woods Foundation, to promote golf among inner-city children and in 2010, he donated a whopping sum of $3 million to Haitian earthquake relief!

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