Doris Day Passes Away Aged 97: Celebrities Pay Tribute to the Hollywood Icon

It's a dark day in Hollywood, as it loses one of its legends, Doris Day. Her life was exemplary and iconic, and the tributes in her honor reflect it.

Doris Day, the legendary actress of Hollywood, left this world for the great beyond early Monday morning, and while people are sad that she is no more, they are also sending out tributes in her honor on social media.


William Shatner, writing on Twitter, expressed his condolences to Day's family. He described her as the sweetheart of the world, who was loved by all.

Stella McCartney took a more personal route. She described the actress as her "Calamity Jane, " and credits her as the person who inspired what she does. Edgar Wright tweeted "R.I.P to the one and only Doris Day," while Greg Proops wrote that she shines forever.

Antonio Banderas thanked her for her talent, and Nina Garcia honored the mother-of-one with a quote from her lifetime. In it, Day talks about happiness; being happy and making others smile. In the end, Garcia asked the late comedy queen to rest in peace.

Seth MacFarlane tweeted that another great Hollywood talent is gone, and asked his followers to take a moment to appreciate the "Great Doris Day."

The Royal Butler remembers Day for her famous song "Que Sera Sera." He recounts that the Duke of Bedford used the line from the song she performed in the movie "The Man You Knew Too Much" as his family motto, and he wrote that it is sad she died.


Day died at the age of 97 at her home in Carmel, California. According to the tweet sent out by the Doris Day Animal Foundation, she passed away surrounded by friends.

The press statement on the foundation's website revealed that the singer died from a severe case of pneumonia, but she was in excellent health for someone her age.


The legendary Day was born in 1922 as Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff. She started in Hollywood in 1947, and the first movie she starred in is "Romance on the High Seas."

The late actress' first hit as a singer was "Sentimental Journey," and she recorded a lot more in her time. Her blonde her and bright smile endeared her to many, and Day is one of the most celebrated actresses of all time.

Shockingly, she never won an Academy Award, but in 2004, President George W. Bush gave her a "Presidential Award of Freedom." Day stopped acting actively in 1989, and it also marked her last public appearance. In the past thirty years of her life, she was rarely seen in public but took on animal activism.

The activist was married four times, but she had only one child, Terry Mulcher; he died in 2004. She had a fulfilling life despite her failed marriages, and Day believed that people should not get married until they've lived together. Rest in peace Doris Day and continue to shine among the stars.

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