Firefighter Mourns the Loss of a Rescue Dog in a Heartfelt Post That Goes Viral

On Friday, Gregg Favre, a former St. Louis Fire Captain, posted an emotional tribute to his four-legged friend, which has since gone viral with almost 50,000 likes and thousands of comments and retweets.

While on duty 11 years ago, Gregg rescued Bella as a puppy. Across the span of a decade, Bella and Gregg became “inseparable” as they embarked on adventures, walks, or just quietly sat together by the fire at home.

“She passed away in my arms last night, peacefully, after a resolute fight w/ cancer,” Gregg wrote. Bella got diagnosed with cancer four months ago, and he described their relationship as nothing short of “incredible.”

Dogs have always been part of Gregg’s life, and even though every dog had something special, Bella was one of a kind.

“The bond that Bella and I had together was incredible. We could communicate with glances and head nods,” Gregg elaborated. “My wife would joke that it felt like we were ganging up on her.”

To Gregg, Bella became a grounding constant throughout the years no matter what went on in their lives. As life came crashing against our door –grad school, promotions, loss, injury & sickness– our routine stayed the same,” he added.

But along with his tribute to Bella, Gregg also wanted to share an important message as he wrote, “My point to all of this is that love & loss go hand in hand. Bella & I made the most of our time & I hope that in your life, you are cultivating your own brand of joy.”

Lastly, Gregg shared that he said a poem to Bella on every walk since the day she got diagnosed with cancer.

Gregg invited all to watch a clip he posted wherein he shared the poem he told Bella once more before she slipped away as Gregg held her in his arms:

Similarly, a dog named Negro got honored after his passing for over a decade of loyalty and companionship to the firefighters in the Chilean city of Iquique.

Sadly, after a period of declining health in March last year the station announced online that their beloved fire station dog, Negro died at the age of 14.

In special remembrance of their loyal friend who always offered them friendship and comfort after a long and hard day, the firefighters honored Negro in a unique way.

Their four-legged friend received the rank of “honorary firefighter” from the department’s board of directors while a photo of Negro got framed and inscribed with the words, “In memory of ur Negro. Faithful pet, friend and protector.”

Negro received an honor guard funeral and got buried in a specially made white casket on a plot close to the fire station; afterward, a tree got planted in his memory nearby.

“Negro was one of us, one of this family. He was respected, loved,” the Fire Captain Jorge Tapia reportedly told Soychile. “We said goodbye in a very emotional ceremony because we were saying goodbye to one of our own, who was an important part of this company.”

On a related note, and with the roles somewhat reversed, a man who had spent years rescuing dogs off the streets, made an urgent plea for help.

A few days ago, Richard Ewers received the devastating news that he had about a week left to live and his final wish - to see all his dogs find homes before he dies.

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