'Blue Bloods' Fans Call Jamko Wedding the ‘Most Disappointing Finale Ever’

“Blue Bloods’” weekend episode featured Jamko’s wedding, but fans are not happy, even calling it the “most disappointing finale ever” due to the very short preview.

Friday’s episode of “Blue Bloods” had fans with mixed emotions, but mostly disappointed over the wedding of their favorite couple Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagon (Will Estes).

Jamko finally walked down the aisle to tie the know, yet fans were not impressed with the short coverage their wedding had, only being featured at the end and fading to black before the couple exchanged their “I do’s.”

“Why is there more wedding footage on Twitter than on the episode?” one fan tweeted. “So insulting to your viewers that were tricked into thinking the focus of last night’s episode would be the wedding.”

Another tweet demanded the program show the whole wedding clip, adding how disappointed she was after waiting for so long and only seeing a short part of the wedding.

Despite the rage over the cut wedding clip, fans remain loyal to their favorite show, which they hope to address their concerns.

CBS’ “Blue Bloods” has been running for nearly ten years, showcasing the lives of a New York City police family. Its success can be attributed to its realistic storyline, thanks to an experienced advisor, James Nuciforo, who works on set.

Nuciforo is a former detective who reviews the scripts and uses his years of experience on the field to relate and verify scenes, making “Blue Bloods” have authentic characters.

“Let’s say [they get] a 56-page script, I’ll give them anywhere between five to ten pages of notes on the script, just plugging in dialogue with more jargon,” Nuciforo said.

Because of its good ratings, the show earned a renewal for its 10th season, which was announced on April 12, after being in the top-10 drama for the past nine years.

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