Meet Amy Carlson's Husband of 15 Years and Their Sweet Son and Daughter

The world knows Amy Carlson for her role as Linda Reagan in hit CBS police procedural “Blue Bloods” but there is more to her than just acting. The actress, who is married to Syd Butler, is a loving mother to her two kids, Lyla Butler and Nigel Butler.

Amy is best known for her roles in CBS police procedural “Blue Bloods”, NBC drama “Third Watch”, and NBC daytime soap opera “Another World.” Read on to take a peek inside her happening life!


Amy’s husband, Sid, is a guitarist and bass player for the band Les Savy Fav. He is also the founder and owner of Frenchkiss Records. 

Sid was born on 15 August 1972, in Memphis Tennessee. Ever since he was a kid, Sid had a passion for music which was pretty evident by the way he practiced it. 

The musician tied the knot with Amy on 22 May 2004 and they have been going strong ever since. The couple was blessed with their first child, Lyla, in 2006 while their son, Nigel, was born in 2009.

Amy recently shared an adorable video of her kids showering her with kisses on Mother’s Day. 

The video features a happy Amy smiling happily as her children smooch either sides of her cheeks multiple times. Now that’s what a caring mother like her deserves.


Fans were utterly heartbroken when their beloved character Linda Reagan died in Blue Bloods. However, there the actress’ Tweet from April prompted fans to wonder if her character was really dead. 

Linda Reagan was killed off in the 8th season of Blue Bloods in what was thought to be an accident but later revealed to be a planned murder devised by a drug cartel member. 

However, Amy’s Tweet after the episode “Common Enemies” made Linda’s death questionable.

“One man killed another’s wife, now that man helps his wife’s killer find who killed the killer’s wife, whose wife will be next? Or is the first wife really killed? New things to ponder... On an all-new Blue Bloods...”

-Amy Carlson, Twitter, April 12, 2019

Her mysterious Tweet had fans wondering whether her character is still alive in the series. 

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