Fans Mistake Donald Trump’s ‘Weird Handshake’ with the Queen for a Fist Bump In a New Photo

Donald Trump has recently caused quite a stir online after meeting Queen Elizabeth and all because, in one photo, he seems to be fist bumping the monarch.

On Monday, June 3, 2019, the United States President, who was accompanied by his wife Melania Trump, was welcomed by Queen Elizabeth outside Buckingham Palace.

While greeting the 93-year-old, the American leader took her hand to shake it but, from a very specific angle, it really looked like they were fist bumping each other.


In reality, Trump tried to shake Queen Elizabeth's hand but, since the monarch usually only offers her fingertips, he failed to properly grasp her hand.

According to Judi James, a body language expert, Trump, who is quite known for his extremely long handshakes, just couldn't find a better way to shake her hand and that his "huge hands" didn't help either.


James described the situation as "hilarious" considering the different hand sizes but the monarch didn't seem to mind the awkward handshake as she seemed quite happy and was even chuckling at the time.

Fortunately, Queen Elizabeth was spared from having to withstand the American leader's odd handshake, but the fist bumping photo was enough to have people rush to social media to share their incredulity.


Trump also angered a lot of people after the internet got hold of a video clip of him apparently snoozing while the Queen was delivering a speech at the State banquet.

While sitting between Her Majesty and Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, the U.S. President was caught several times nodding off, leading fellow Americans to call him a "total embarrassment to our country and the world."

So far, it is impossible to say whether Trump was actually sleeping or just closing his eyes while focusing on Queen Elizabeth's speech, but it certainly didn't please the Royal Family's loyal fans.

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