Secret Signals Of The Royal Handbag: Queen Elizabeth's Hidden Communication Tips

Queen Elizabeth II is certainly a fashion icon. She always has the most colorful suits with the best accessories including a handbag that matches her outfits. But, her purse actually has a deeper meaner, after all, she doesn’t need to carry a wallet or ID to official functions. There’s something about that particular accessory that some royal fans don’t know. Let’s find out!


The Queen loves her Launer handbag almost as much as her corgis, but she is not carrying only because of personal style, and it has to do with official royal events. Royal historian Hugo Vickers recently revealed something about Elizabeth II’s purses that is really surprising, and it also means that her staff has to keep the purse in their sights at all times.

In an interview with People, Vickers said that the bag is used for special signals, and depending on the movement and position of the items, the crew has to act accordingly. Apparently, if the Queen moves her purse from hand to another, she is ready to end a conversation. Additionally, if she puts it on the dinner table, Elizabeth II is ready to leave the event.

There is another signal, but she uses her wedding ring this time. If the monarch twists the band a bit, she wants to move to another conversation. The talk must be really boring of the most polite person in the world actually uses this maneuver. Naturally, the staff would have to excuse her properly if she wants to walk away from a guest. The historian said,

“Luckily, they’d let you down easy. It would be done very nicely. Someone would come along and say, ‘Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you’”.

Vickers also revealed that the wedding ring move is the last resort, and she only uses in dire circumstances. Otherwise, she will just use the bag move and eventually the staff will intervene. If she places the purse on the table, her ladies maids have five minutes to excuse from the engagement and prepare to leave.

 The twist is more urgent. Additionally, these signals are designed for situations where she might outside Buckingham Palace. When se takes meetings at her home, the Queen would press a hidden buzzer that will indicate to the staff that she wants the guest escorted out of her sight. On the other hand, Elizabeth II is not the only one who uses her bag for special signals.

According to Myka Meier the owner of Beaumont Etiquette, the Duchess of Cambridge uses clutch purses in order to avoid shaking hands when it might be awkward or uncomfortable. But, the Queen actually carries her bags on her left arm to salute the people around her.


The Queen loves her Launer handbags, and they are all customized with longer handles so that she has enough room when she shakes hands. She doesn’t enjoy anything on her shoulder or accessories with zippers. Sam Launer sent her a bag in 1968, and since then, Elizabeth II fell in love, and the company was given the Royal Warrant.

Her particular favorite is black, which is unexpected, considering how much she loves colorful things. Furthermore, some fans might be wondering what the monarch carries in her purse, and allegedly there are always mints available, a handkerchief, sometimes lipstick, and a fountain pen. Moreover, her bag has a portable hook, which she uses to hang it underneath tables according to Sally Bedell Smith in the book ‘Queen: The Woman Behind the Throne’.

Since 1968, Launer has provided over 200 purses for the Queen, and they retail around $1860, but they are used over and over again. Moreover, her staff actually fixes them if needed instead of throwing them away. Elizabeth II is fond of the black-patent Traviata, which costs $1747, and she also enjoys the Adagio in black and cream which are both $1465, as well as the Bellini is $1410.


For anyone wondering what kind of events would warrant the purse on the table or the twist of her ring, the Queen might have used it during her meeting with President Trump. Elizabeth II used her favorite handbag that day, and according to the Telegraph, there is another signal that also signifies being bored with the current conversation.

If the Queen places her bag on the floor, a lady-in-waiting has to come rushing to her rescue. Another surprising thing she might carry inside her purse is a 5-pound bill in case she goes to church and wants to make a tiny donation. While the previously mentioned items are the general rule for the royal purse, there is more.

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According to handbag investigator Phil Dampier, the Queen carries “good luck charms”. These are actually pictures of her children, as well as toy dogs and horses. One of the images is Prince Andrew when he came back from the Falklands War in 1982.

People couldn’t help but watch what the Queen did with her purse while talking to President Trump during his three-day visit to the United Kingdom, and it seemed like she was holding it tightly. However, she might have been unable to actually leave any of the official events with the U.S. leader.

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While the Queen might have been subtle about being next to Trump other outlets reported that Prince Harry avoided the President at all costs, especially because of his comments about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. The former actress was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent during the 2016 elections. When Trump heard about it, he called Prince Harry’s wife “nasty”.

No wonder Harry didn’t want to meet him. Her Majesty is the Queen of the Poker face as her purse does all the talking. Let us know what you think of her secret signals. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who would love to escape awkward conversations with their handbag. See you next time!

Source: Daily Mail, NY Post, News AU, Telegraph


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