Princess Beatrice's Unusual Connection To The Spanish Royal Family

There are diverse royal families in Europe, from the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Monaco, the UK, who have shared ancestry with King George II. King George reigned over Great Britain and Ireland from 1727 to 1760. However, it would seem two of those families— the British and Spanish Roal Families— have another connection as a result of the young royal, Princess Beatrice. You might be wondering how the Princess of York was able to achieve such a feat at 30 years old, but we are here to quench all the curiosity.

Image Credits: YouTube/hrhprincessbeatrice

Image Credits: YouTube/hrhprincessbeatrice


Princess Beatrice is the eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, and as such has many royal watchers on her tail. Right from the time of her birth, the princess has been beating the norms and royal traditions. She is the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, but unlike her younger sister, she is still unmarried. Although royal fans are of high hopes about Beatrice becoming a wife to her knight in shining armor, she, however, does not seem overly agitated by this fact. An unusual royal indeed! Perhaps this uniqueness stems from her name.

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What many don’t know is that Princess Beatrice was named after the great grandmother of the King of Spain who had earlier gotten married into the Spanish royal household. This peculiar name of hers has made her the sync between the Spanish Royal House of Bourbon.


If anything, the name Beatrice is quite uncommon even for a royal. Going back to the time of the birth of the princess, her official name was not made known until two weeks after her birth. It was reported that the Queen did not support the name her parents wanted to give her at first, so they went for Beatrice instead.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Image Credits: Getty Images

As revealed by Burke’s Peerage, their reason for selecting Beatrice was because they wanted to show their regard for the King and Queen of Spain. The Duke and Duchess of York believed that the Spanish Royals were the ones who made the Duchess feel at home through their friendly nature. The last daughter of Queen Victoria was the one significant Beatrice in the 19th Century, and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson decided to name their daughter after her.

She went on to become the great grandmother of the King of Spain. This single act of the Yorks reverencing the great grandmother of the ruler of Spain holds a special place in his. However, the Duke and Duchess didn’t stop at their first daughter’s name to honor the Spanish Royal family. Princess Beatrice, from the 19th Century, had a daughter with her husband, Prince Henry of Battenberg who she gave the name Victoria Eugenie. It was from her the York coined the name Eugenie for Beatrice’s younger sister.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Image Credits: Getty Images


Old Beatrice’s daughter later got married to Alfonso XIII who became the king of Spain and reigned from 1906 - 1931, making her the Queen. As mentioned earlier, Beatrice was not the initial choice of name by the York royals for their child. As a matter of fact, they wanted to name their baby Annabel. However, with the Queen being the head of the royal family—  which means all the decisions that pertain to the royal household have to go through her— she vetoed the name.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Image Credits: Getty Images

The Monarch thought that the name was ‘Yuppie’; she believed it was not elegant enough for a royal. While punters speculated over possible names at the time of the princess’ birth, the name Beatrice did not even pop up once. They were mostly going for names like Victoria and Elizabeth. According to Graham Sharpe the spokesman for William Hill, ‘Not a Punter backed Beatrice’. The name which was announced came as a total surprise.


Sharpe believes that the princess is genuinely the best thing to have ever happened to the royal family. This might be in terms of the link she serves between the British and the Spanish royal households, or in the fact that she paved the way for rising of unusual names for royal children. This can be seen in the most recent addition to the royal family, baby Sussex. Little Archie’s name came as a total surprise, just like that of Beatrice’s.

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While the royal family is known for giving their newborn babies up to six names, the Sussexes and Yorks decided to give just three. Beatrice has only two other names which are equally unusual as well. Ordinarily, no one would think of a combination such as ‘Elizabeth Mary.’ No one except Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.


H.B Brooks-Baker thinks that Sarah Ferguson has been able to create a kind of social trend for the world to keep up with. This is primarily because so many youths can relate to having very unusual nomenclatures to answer to. Either deliberately or not, Sarah and Prince Andrew had swiftly deviated from the royal tradition with Princess Beatrice’s name. This trendsetting ability of theirs is also pronounced in their act of giving only three names to their child princess Beatrice. This also falls in line with Meghan and Harry giving their son only one other name.

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Image Credits: Getty Images

Image Credits: Getty Images

The Sussex royals had their baby on the 6th of May and had his name made public two days later. Archie’s middle name is Harrison. It might be safe to mention that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex most likely had no issues with the Queen accepting the intended names for their son, so they did not have to wait for long like the Duke and Duchess of York.

After all, the Queen might not have thought Archie a ‘yuppie’ name as she did about Annabel. Many believe that the name must have brought an unpleasant picture of the Mayfair Private Club Annabel’s in the mind of the Queen. This was where the Duchess of York met Princess Beatrice’s boyfriend, Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi. It was reported that the club had always been a favorite of Sarah and her ex-husband Andrew’s. It is due to this that many royal watchers believe that the Queen must have given the option of ‘Beatrice’ as a name instead of ‘Annabel.’


The subject of baby nomenclature is surely not taken lightly in the royal family, and that is why a lot of fuss surrounded the name, Beatrice. However, Princess Beatrice has indeed lived up to the uniqueness surrounding her by not only linking two royal families of Europe but also creating a niche for unusual royal names. Do you think Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson did the right thing by giving their daughter such a strange name? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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