'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Just Revealed the Date of Beth Chapman’s Second Memorial Service

Beth Chapman's second memorial has finally been announced by her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, just a day after the first ceremony in Hawaii.

The 66-year-old bounty hunter took to his official Twitter account to let his legion of fans and followers know that his wife would be honored for a second time in Denver, Colorado.

According to Dog, the memorial is scheduled to take place on July 13, and fans should be on the lookout for further details, which will be shared in the following days.


Denver's funeral service will be the Chapman's family final "goodnight" to Beth following her passing last Wednesday after a fierce battle with throat cancer.

The late 51-year-old was be rushed to Hawaii's Queen's Medical Center a week ago after experiencing an alleged choking emergency, and her behavior was so erratic that she had to be placed in a medical-induced coma.


Three days later, Dog let the world know that his beloved wife had passed away and this last Sunday she was remembered in the sweetest possible way in Hawaii.

Accompanied by his children, Dog arrived at Fort DeRussy beach in Waikiki, Beth's favorite place on earth, to pay his respects to the woman he'll forever love.

It has been reported that, before dying, Beth asked her husband to honor her in a Hawaiian-styled ceremony, and that was exactly what happened.

Denver's funeral service will be the Chapman's family final "goodnight" to Beth


Since Beth was so loved, the Chapman family encouraged people to show up to the memorial, and they were asked to bring only ocean-friendly loose flowers. Leis, however, were off-limits as the strings could be harmful to the ocean fauna.

Dozens of people responded to the call and paid tribute to Beth, whose love for the Hawaiian people was even greater than the one for the state, the place she called home.

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While the ceremony was open to the public, it is unknown whether fans in Colorado will be welcomed to join the Chapmans on July 13.

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