Camilla Parker Bowles Could Become The First Queen Consort In The Past 6 Decades: What Are Her Chances To Succeed

Camilla Parker Bowles relationship with the royal family - as well as the public - is a complicated one. With her scandalous affair with Prince Charles, which was essentially the cause of his divorce with Princess Diana, Camilla has truly created a negative image of herself when it comes to the press. Even though the couple ultimately married in 2005, the road to restoring the Duchess’ image has been a difficult one.

Camilla's role as Queen Consort

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But whether you like it or not, Prince Charles will soon become king, and Camilla Parker Bowles will officially gain the queen consort title. However, her ability to rule as such is questioned by many royal watchers. In fact, no one is quite sure whether Bowles is a fit partner for a king.


When they first met in 1971, Camilla and Prince Charles were both young and single at the time. The couple apparently bonded instantly, thanks to their love of outdoor sports, such as horseback riding. And, almost immediately, the two started dating. However, their relationship soon hit some problems.

Charles had to leave in order to fulfill his duty to the Royal Navy and was gone for almost a year. This eventually led to the dissipation of their new relationship. Soon after, Bowles married Andrew Parker Bowles, leaving Charles absolutely devastated. The prince eventually moved on as well, however, went on to marry Princess Diana.

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Despite both couples being married, this didn’t put an end to their affair. Charles and Camilla continued with their relationship in secret - until it became public knowledge. The prince’s affair eventually tore apart his marriage to Diana and resulted in a divorce. Once this happened, the public’s hatred for Camilla grew even stronger.

After all, the Duchess was at the center of the scandal and was taking all the blame for breaking a marriage apart. However, the pair wouldn’t make any appearances together for a while, especially after Princess Diana’s tragic passing.

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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles finally decided to tie the knot, making their marriage official in 2005 with a civil ceremony. Even though it seems like most members of the royal family have somewhat accepted the couple, with Prince William and Prince Harry both attending the ceremony, it looks like the public might still have a different stance on the situation. After 15 years of marriage, the view of Bowles definitely isn’t a favorable one.


So what comes next after their marriage? Well, the general understanding was that Camilla will be given the title of princess consort, once Charles becomes king. Vanity Fair confirmed the fact, by stating, “According to recent reports, she will eventually become queen consort, the customary title for the wife of a reigning king,” Vanity Fair reports. 

Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Oxford University law professor, commented on the topic and explained that the Duchess of Cornwall will become queen under the Treason Act 1351, and additionally, as the sovereign’s wife under two of the Regency Act 1937. 

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Pavlos commented,

“The wife of a head of state is not a joint head of state, however. The sovereign reigns on his or her own. In that sense Camilla will be a ‘Queen’ in the limited legal sense of being the wife of the sovereign.” 

Because of all the drama and scandals surrounding Princess Diana, crowning her Queen or Queen Consort would have been a nightmare for PR, due to the people’s love of Diana. Which is why Clarence House has insisted time and time again, that the Duchess will be referred to as Princess Consort instead.


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Since she is Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles has certain obligations she needs to complete, as a working member of the royal family. Camilla is constantly by her husband’s side at important royal family functions and is a supporter of numerous charities - which includes organizations for survivors of sexual assault, empowerment of women, as well as the arts.

When the prince does eventually become king, his responsibilities, of course, will have to be adjusted. The workload will increase tenfold, along with Camilla’s. The Duchess will constantly be called upon to work for her people and nation and will have to take on more work in regards to charity. In addition, she’ll most likely be traveling a lot more often and will have a meticulously planned out schedule. So, obviously, this results in little to no downtime.

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Even though the public’s opinion on Camilla is still unclear and certainly divided, a recent survey revealed that the Duchess is the 10th most popular royal. Of course, she is certainly behind some of our favorites, such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. But the royal is more popular than lesser-known royals, such as Princess Eugenie. Could this be a sign that the people are slowly starting to warm up to Bowles? Maybe.

Regardless of public onion, becoming queen consort is a hard task in and of itself, which will be putting Camilla in the spotlight much more often. Even though comparing Bowles to Princess Diana is pointless, there are some signs pointing to the Duchess succeeding in this role. With many years of experience as a working royal, plus working and traveling with Prince Charles, the royal has had extensive preparation for this next big stage in her life.

Sources: CheatSheet, Express, Youtube/Royal Reviewer


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