Weird Habits That Queen Elizabeth Is Known For

Queen Elizabeth harbors some peculiar habits! Check out the strangest modifications the Queen requires of one of her favorite fashion items. The Queen always has an air of superiority about her, and it almost seems like she is not capable of having quirky habits. Prepare your heart for this list of the most unique and eccentric habits of the world-famous monarch. 

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She Always Travels With a Bag of Blood 

Queen Elizabeth has enjoyed so many fruitful years, but no, her longevity isn't because she is an immortal being that favorites drinking blood. On any of her travels, whether personal or official, the Queen is accompanied by a private physician who is equipped with everything an emergency medical team would need – including blood. However, it remains unknown whether this is just a part of the royal protocol or only a personal demand by the Queen. 

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The Windows of the Palace Must Be Kept Closed

This is another yet eerie fact about the British Queen. While a window or two may be left open to keep the surroundings aerated, the monarch abhors windows of the Buckingham Palace being left open. Unlike what many would think, this is not to ensure privacy! It is meant to ensure that the already astonishingly estate always looks perfect from the outside.

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Never Give the Queen Ice Cubes in Her Drinks

This one is reportedly because Queen Elizabeth finds the clinking sound of the cubes against glass cringe-worthy! 

No Beards and Bow Ties in the Palace

The new trend for the modern man is sporting facial hair because it gives them that air of masculinity. For the Queen, however, that, and wearing fake bow ties, is a big NO NO. She favorites men with a cleanly shaven face, and the only known exception is her handsome grandson, Prince Harry. 

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All Her Outfits are Numbered

Queen Elizabeth is every bit the high-end socialite, and her wardrobe is clear evidence. She, however, seems to stick to a particular trend – conservative and colorful coats, dresses, and hats. To keep things organized, she has all of them numbered so that dressing up for an event is an easy task. 

The Queen Hates Soups and Potatoes

The monarch has access to fine dining, and a known rule amongst the royal kitchen staff is that soups and potatoes should never be plated for the Queen. She particularly hates the latter because they are way too starchy for her diet. 

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No Raspberries in Public 

The Queen enjoys eating raspberries at any time of the day. She, however, sticks to not eating them in public because the little seeds may get stuck in her teeth and become a problem! As aforementioned, this is a part of years of living according to royal etiquette.

A Maid is Required to Wear the Queen's Shoes First 

It may sound unbelievable, but it is a fact that Queen Elizabeth employs a specific person, to break her new shoes in. This way, the Queen never suffers from a sore foot! 

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Her Favorite Alcoholic Drink is Gin 

The Queen's favorite choice of liquor is Gin with a bit of Dubonnet fortified wine and a lemon slice (without seeds). Elizabeth II has one glass of this at least once a day, so when she travels, the staff packs everything to make it wherever they go.

Her Purses Have Hooks

The Queen loves her purses, but an admittedly genius discovery is that she always has a miniature hook of sorts in them. The primary purpose of the modification is so that she can hang the purse under the dinner table on official occasions, so she never loses it. Smart, right!? 

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Image Credit: Getty Images

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That is, however, not all there is to it. By changing the positions of the purse underneath the table, the Queen sends signals to the royal staff. For example, the wallet on the table means it is time for the event to wrap up, but while the bag hangs from the hook, things are perfect. 

This list proves just how eccentric the Queen is, and they even admittedly add to her uniqueness. Which of these facts did you know before now? Do you think your weird habits match up to the Queen's? If you loved reading this article, make sure you share with your other goofy friends! 

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