The Stories Behind These Rare Historical Photos

From haunted houses that inspired the Blair Witch Project, to legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix shockingly pictured in a US army paratrooper uniform, we've gathered some of the most mindblowing photos from history that we're certain you haven't seen yet! For some unreal photos with fascinating stories to describe them, keep scrolling!


1950s Christmas Hoover Advertisement

The 1950s were definitely a different time - and not necessarily in a good way. Let's just take a look at this eye-rolling advertisement, which reinstates the mentality that women are expected to stay home and clean, while husbands go out to work. And getting this vacuum cleaner as a gift? Probably not very appropriate.

Image credits: Youtube/kick8472

Image credits: Youtube/kick8472

Thanks to old advertisements like these, we can honestly appreciate how far we've come when it comes to equality and women's liberation. And just picturing receiving a vacuum cleaner on Christmas morning makes us shake our heads!

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