Redditors Recount Horrible Birthday Experiences

The statement "happy birthday," means a lot to so many people in the world today, so they wait to hear it from their special friends or loved one. However, there are some people in the world today who have a different response to this statement. A birthday celebration ought to be one of the happiest days of anyone's life, but these Reddit users beg to differ. Here are 42 miserable birthdays that left people with horrific experiences. 


Baby Steps to Rock Climbing

This Reddit user had little to say about his birthday, but from his words, it was evident that he was passing through a lot of emotional pain. On his birthday, his mother handed him a brochure to help him learn about rock climbing. The worst thing is that he was not a fan of the sport, but she could have sincerely done something better.

"For my 16th birthday, my mom gave me a brochure about rock climbing. Not a rock climbing gift card or the plans to go rock climbing, just a brochure. I don’t even like rock climbing."

Image Credits: Pixabay

Image Credits: Pixabay

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