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Apparently, 96% of people can't find the diffference in 1 minute. Can you spot it?

Apparently, 96% of people can't find the diffference in 1 minute. Can you spot it?

Most of us love doing this game and sometimes we don’t think twice about what it is really for nor do we know how it affects our brain.

Can you spot the difference is a game or a puzzle we all have played and tried. It is basically about putting our attentional ability to the test. To learn more about this and how it impacts our brain, AmoMama got info from The Guardian.

Every day, people think that we see everything that is happening right in front of us but that is not exactly the case because in reality, “our senses are bombarded by continual waves of stimuli” which sets of a torrent of sensations that goes far beyond the brain’s capacity.

Source: Flickr

The brain then needs to find out which sensations are the most important for current goals. It has to focus on the ones that matter and throw away the rest. While attention is great, no system is flawless and while the brain’s computational reserves are huge, it is not infinite and under the right conditions, we can “break it” and get a peek behind the curtain.

But now, it is reported that it is easy to reveal attention in action and one way is through what they call change blindness. Following the instructions in the short clip below is an example.

Change blindness is normal and it is caused when you max out your attentional capacity.

The Guardian explains how change blindness works: “During change blindness, everything about your visual system is intact and functioning. All of the information enters your visual system in the same way and is processed by the retina the same way; it even enters primitive parts of the brain in the same way. But then the inputs encounter a tight bottleneck that causes you to miss the seemingly obvious – unless, that is, you know where to focus beforehand. Change blindness is why we tend not to notice continuity errors in films, why many traffic accidents arise, and could help explain the unreliability of eyewitness testimony.”

See how your attention capacity works with this game in Vonvon and share with us in the comments your result!