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Jennifer Aniston reportedly drives her husband nuts with new absurd diet

Jennifer Aniston reportedly drives her husband nuts with new absurd diet

The actress who seems to be trying to control her husband is reportedly not helping get their relationship back on track. 

Following an explosive fight last December, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux is rumored to be at odds again and this time, they’re bickering over food.  According to the report of Radar Online recently, Jennifer has been obsessed over her strict diet and has been demanding her husband to adhere to it too.

Conscious about keeping fit, the 48-year-old ‘Friends’ alum is said to be “banning all kinds of food from the house,” says a source. Even if Justin stays in their New York apartment most of the time while Jennifer is in LA, the source adds she insists on keeping the food in both homes diet-friendly. This means getting rid of anything with soy or dairy which freaks her out when spotted in their fridge.

Tired of her “absurd rules,” Justin can’t stand the way Jennifer controls everything and it seems to be causing a major rift in their marriage. Sources believe it’s the actress’ way of controlling him but it seems to be backfiring claiming,

“this kind of behavior is not exactly going to help them get their relationship back on track.”

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Trouble in their marriage began last year and escalated after a major fight erupted between them in December 14. The couple had been apart for two and a half months prior to the altercation and a close source said it was a stupid argument that went out of control, prompting Justin to storm out of their home and stay in a luxury hotel to cool off. Some believed that “fight to end all fights” was the last straw that would lead to a painful $225 million divorce. However, none of them spoke of the incident and no divorce talk has been in the horizon.

Now that a new issue is brewing between the couple, many are wondering if this could be signs of the end between the two. Here’s hoping they can find a way to seal the cracks in their marriage before it’s too late.