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Remember the kid from 'The Blind Side'? Here is what he's doing now

Remember the kid from 'The Blind Side'? Here is what he's doing now

The kid in him has never forgotten. His office is decorated in small reminders of a childhood that has inspired millions of people. 

There's a Baltimore Ravens helmet on display, a Briarcrest Christian High School helmet, and the onlything missing is an Ole Miss helmet. This is so, because Sean "SJ" Touhy Jr., who was portrayed as the cute as a button 11-year-old boy in 'The Blind Side', now works for Chad Morris at Arkansas football.  

"Everyone wants me to stay as this 11-year-old kid. Some people think I 'Benjamin Button'-ed it, never aged or went backwards. I think it's disappointing to someone when I say that was me. 'Oh man I thought you were much smaller and cuter!'"

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Says Tuohy, an assistant director for football operations at the University of Arkansas.

The 2009 movie follows Michael Oher, from impoverished upbringing to his adoption by the wealthy Tuohy family. As expected, the film's success continues to affect SJ in many ways. His relationship with his brother is still as strong.

"You look back at it and think, I wasn't really like that, that's not how it was. [But] that's what it was like. [Michael] excelled in football, he excelled in basketball, everyone socially loved him. He was someone you look at like, 'Man, I hope I can be like that one day.'"

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During an interview, questions on how the movie accurately represented real life were asked. 

Did he really try to get leverage with college coaches recruiting Oher?

"Leverage with everyone. I wanted leverage on whoever it was, wherever it was. I was making sure there's an in for me there." He said, laughing.

Did he really try to negotiate with Nick Saban?

"I don't know how well the negotiating went. I think he was like, 'You'll get what you get and you'll be happy with it.'"

What about his mother? How accurate was the character played by Sandra Bullock?

"She's much worse in real life than Sandra Bullock was in the movie. That was two hours of my mom. Think about that as 24-hour day, all the time."

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Where the movie stops however, Tuohy's own story begins. He claims he would often hear taunts while he was playing the sport in high school.

"'Good Job, Sandra' chants, and I remember we were warming up one time playing a school in football, and they played the whole 'Blind Side' soundtrack before the game. I can't control any of that stuff and just laugh it off."

Sean played three years of college basketball before graduating from Loyola University Maryland. At that time, his brother Michael was playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

Unsure of what he wanted to do next, he turned to a family friend, Coach Morris. The Morris family had vacationed near their own family in Florida. 

"Coach Morris said, 'Why don't you come play football for me at SMU?"

In an interview with Morris, he explains the situation further.

"Then 10 minutes later, the phone rang and I looked at it and saw it was Leigh Anne Tuohy. If you know Leigh Ann, you know if she calls, you better answer the phone. I answer the phone and she was dead serious. She says, 'Chad, we're serious. He's coming. Do you want him or not?' I'm like, 'Yes ma'am, we want him.'"

SJ was a holder for the Mustangs, and the next season, he coached special teams. After which, Morris brought him with him to Arkansas.

"Obviously, he's been in athletics his entire life, when you look at his family."

Sean Jr. on the otherhand, explained how being Michael's brother was not easy, as he was not the one being heavily recruited.

"I know how hard those guys worked to get Michael, so I think it makes you realiz what you have to do to be in that world."

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His ultimate goal is to become an athletics director one day.