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Miley Cyrus' sister Brandi, 30, shows off her tiny body in a very tight dress

Miley Cyrus' sister Brandi, 30, shows off her tiny body in a very tight dress

Brandi, Miley Cyrus' sister and exclusive actress known for ‘old 37’, ‘Zoey 101’ and ‘Hannah Montana' has taken to Instagram to show off her dashing figure.

AmoMama brings you exclusive details on a recent post made by Brandi Glenn Cyrus the kid sister of the worldwide known actress and singer Miley Cyrus on Instagram.

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One might think Miley Cyrus is a real beauty but wait till you see her kid sister Brandi!

Recently, Brandi took to Instagram to show the world a piece of what her mama gave her.

The picture shows Brandi Cyrus in a black shimmery dress revealing her shoulders and part of her thighs making her look even more elegant.

She is seen to be leaning effortlessly on Olivia Caridi, her very good friend and they both look breathtaking and beautiful.

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The shimmer from both their dresses no doubt brings out a beautiful part of their bodies, and though they are not on heavy make-up, the internet can only describe this duo as ‘elegant’.

Brandi wore a very beautiful dress showing her curves and tiny waist and making her fans go wild with her beauty.

Brandi and her friend Olivia were at an event known as ‘Maxim Party' and the event seemed to be well lit as shown in the picture.

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Brandi who has been known for her flawless moves in her movie career, and walking in the footsteps of her sister Miley Cyrus, is the eye of the public, and her fans more than love the woman she has become.

One would think that Brandi was not a very popular actress, but her recent post on Instagram garnered over 14k likes and a lot of comments attached to it.

This actress no doubt has the love of a lot of people, and her beauty is no doubt a topic for the day.

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She is successful and beautiful, and that is most likely all her fans need to keep the love for her burning.