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Carrie Underwood shares first photo of herself since face injury

Carrie Underwood shares first photo of herself since face injury

Country singer Carrie Underwood is still not ready to show her post-injury face although she recently shared a photo of herself.

AmoMama brings you news about Carrie Underwood who recently shared two Instagram photos which failed to meet her fans’ expectation of seeing her face as reported in a February 10, 2018, post by ‘Inquisitr.’

Many have expected Underwood to debut her post-injury face but it seemed they didn’t have their wish.

It seemed she wasn’t ready yet or maybe revealing it little by little.

Carrie Underwood recently took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and of her husband and son.

That was the first photo of herself she would post since she had the accident.

She fell on her front stairs, broke her wrist and injured her face.

In the shared photo, she kept her face shielded from the camera.

Consequently, the country music star had to get over fifty stitches on her face. That’s massive!

Though we miss seeing her beautiful already, it is however understandable how it might not have been easy for her looking at her changed face in the mirror.

And we accept that she’s been focused on healing.

A few weeks prior to her posts, she prepared her fans’ mind through her blog that she might look a little different next time they see her.

Although we saw a photo of her post-accident, she hasn’t posted any herself neither as she stepped out in public since then.

Underwood gave fans an update on her broken wrist after she underwent surgery in November following a nasty fall at home and she also shared an X-ray of her wrist.

In the two photos shared by the star, Underwood appeared in one doing squat in her home gym while her son, Isaiah also joined mom in squatting.

She turned her face from the camera while looking at Isaiah.

The second photo showed Underwood’s thirty-seven-year-old husband, Mike Fisher doing some push-ups and Isaiah showed his funny push-up skill also.

The thirty-four-year-old American Idol’s alum captioned her photo reading,

‘My boys make work outs fun (and a bit less productive, but that’s ok)! #StayThePath.’

We wish the star a complete healing still as we look forward to seeing her face soonest.