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Great news from Katy Perry. She's reportedly ready to become a wife

Great news from Katy Perry. She's reportedly ready to become a wife

Popular singer Katy Perry is reportedly ready to tie the knot with actor Robert Pattinson although the pair who are very good long-time friends have always denied being in a relationship with each other.

AmoMama brings you the interesting news that Katy Perry is willing to the knot with actor Robert Pattinson although sources say the actor is interested in seeing other women according to a February 12, 2018, post by Inquisitr.

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For the longest time, there have been rumors that singer Katy Perry is in a relationship with actor Robert Pattinson. It should be mentioned that the two have consistently brushed away and dismissed such rumors when confronted by the media.

However, the pair were caught making out a few weeks ago while in a restaurant in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

According to Life and Style, it is all but confirmed that the pair is in a relationship although there is just one snag. Katy Perry is ready for a serious commitment to Robert Pattinson. However, the Twilight star is not ready for that and wants to see other women.

According to a source close to Katy, she is totally taken in with Robert Pattinson as he is everything she wants in a man -  British, sexy, and fun to be with. Marriage, however, is not on Robert's radar. He loves being a bachelor especially following his engagement to FKA Twigs for a couple of years.

Some sources even report that Robert has told his friends that he will never get married no matter what happens.

Katy reportedly thinks that Robert is the right guy for her, but sources think that he will just break her heart because he enjoys being a player.

While his relationship with Katy Perry is currently undefined. Robert has supposedly been testing the waters with Emma Watson, his Harry Potter co-star.

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A source told In Touch that they have been texting and going out for dinner in Los Angeles and London. The Harry Potter alumni allegedly have a lot in common and the same sense of humor.

Pattinson and Perry got closer after his split with FKA Twigs. A source told E! News that the rumored couple has been talking on the phone a lot and make it a point to see each other when they find the time.

She has reportedly been a good pal and confidant to the actor. Since the foundation of a good relationship is friendship, then there is a possibility that Katy and Robert may eventually get married.

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Katy just needs Robert to make a serious decision about his life!