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Remember these kids from the 'Twilight Zone'? Look what they became now

Remember these kids from the 'Twilight Zone'? Look what they became now

Twilight Zone is fondly remembered for its dramatic twists and turns but one wonders what happened to the Twilight kids after the end of the show.

AmoMama brings you the details of the stars and what they have been up to since the end of the show over two decades ago according to a post by METV oh January 17, 2018.

From the owner of Talky Tina to Bill Mumy's frightening mind control powers, these child actors were laden with the goal to play characters with different aspects and years after the end of the show, they are all grown now and have been up to a number of things.

We bring you the juice on where they are now.

Best remembered for his role as Will Robinson on the 1960s CBS sci-fi series, Bill Mumy has remained relevant in the world of movies and music, after he made appearances as a threatening child who had a knack for controlling things with his mind.

His most recent work was in 2016 when he voiced ‘Timothy Cole’ on Nickelodeon’s animated-series The Loud House.

Ron Howard became a fan favorite when he appeared in The Twilight Zone as a young boy playing marbles in the street who beckons the lead character over. In that particular episode, the main character is on a journey to meet his younger self.

These days, Ron is more a director than he is an actor and his most recent director’s role has him working on the new Han Solo movie; Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Michael Burns’ appearance as the son of the family who has the stocked storm shelter was one of the many cameos he made in Hollywood before he retired in 1986.

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The now 70-year-old ex-actor took on teaching after getting his Ph.D. from Yale University and becoming a published historian with his book Dreyfus.

After Stephen Perry made an appearance in one Twilight Zone episode as the young boy who wishes his boxing hero will win, the child actor became well-known for his memorable role in A Raisin in the Sun. he carried on with acting through the 90s and his last known film is the 1997 TV movie Escape from Atlantis. These days he runs his own LA-based restaurant which he opened in 2016.

Actress Ann Jillian had a fascinating role as Ilse Nielsen – a young mute girl who only knew how to communicate telepathically with her parents. When they die, her hopes for communicating are lost.

Since then, Jillian has been cast to star in several short-lived series, including It's a Living and Ann Jillian. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1985 when she was just 35-years-old and now lives as an advocate for the sickness.

Jeffrey Byron and Mary Badham were two freckled kids who made an appearance in the final episode of The Twilight Zone making an appearing and disappearing act in their on-screen backyard pool.

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While Jeffery continued acting making appearances in a number of feature films, his on-screen sister Mary retired from acting after 1966.

Morgan Brittany appeared in several episodes of The Twilight Zone, but she was most obvious in ‘Nightmare as a Child.’ In 2004, she retired from acting to become an old-fashioned commentator on Fox News and CNBC. These days, the 66-year-old co-owns and serves as co-anchor for the conservative news site PolitiChicks.

For The Twilight Zone episode ‘Young Man's Fancy,’ Ricky Kelman played the intense younger version of the starring character Alex.

Ricky retired from acting in the 1970s after his appearances in 1973 and 1974 in two episodes of the syndicated anthology series, Insight.

Tracy Stratford is known for her 1959 appearance in The Twilight Zone episode ‘The Living Doll.’ Ten years later, she retired from acting after she appeared in an episode of My Three Sons. Most recently, though, she's appeared in documentaries, discussing her role as the voice of Lucy Van Pelt in A Charlie Brown Christmas.