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Nick Jonas was spotted kissing a mystery brunette

Nick Jonas was spotted kissing a mystery brunette

Former Disney star Nick Jonas was recently caught on camera engaging in a steamy PDA session with a brunette while vacationing in Australia.

Amomama brings to you details of Nick Jonas’s new mystery woman as reported by Inquistr on March 1, 2018.

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Nick Jonas has been known as one of the major bad boy players to date a series of A-Listers ladies.

He has previously dated Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Gigi Hadid and many more.

Nick might have recently done something out of the norm as he was recently caught on camera with a mystery woman that no one knows.

Back in February, Nick announced on his Instagram page that he would be vacationing in Australia.

He captioned the picture:

‘Went to sleep and woke up in Australia’

He gave photo credit to his brother Joe Jonas citing that they were both in Australia for the vacation.

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But we guess brother time was cut short as Nick was spotted cozying up to an unknown woman.

Nick was caught on camera exchanging a passionate kiss with a brunette whose name is Annalisa Azaredo.

It was reported that Annalisa, unlike Nick’s previous girls, isn’t a fan of spotlight and fame.

She is a biomedical science student at the University of Melbourne.

To further prove that she isn’t in it for the fame, once pictures of herself and Nick were leaked she deactivated all of her social media accounts to stay away from the spotlight.

Nick and Annalisa got cozy after she suffered an accident on a bike ride.

Nick being the gentleman that he is helped support her weight by holding her while they walked.

They were said to engage in a lot of fun activities like bike rides, lunch date and a stroll on the beach.

The duo was seen kissing very passionately and making out in the streets of Australia.

Although they looked very much into each other, a source disclosed that Nick and Annalisa aren’t in any sort of committed relationship.

It was described as one of his flings.

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It’s no new thing for Nick to have flings, his recent choice is just what baffles his fans.

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