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Kylie Jenner flashes her figure in a revealing top just one month after giving birth to daughter

Kylie Jenner flashes her figure in a revealing top just one month after giving birth to daughter

In just one month, Kylie Jenner has a post-pregnancy body to die for.

Amomama brings to you details of a recent picture of Kylie Jenner’s post-pregnancy body just a month after Stormi’s birth as reported by Daily Mail on March 2, 2018.

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If there’s one thing the Kardashians and Jenners are known for, it's their sizzling bodys irrespective of what happens to them.

Just like her elder sisters, Kim and Kourtney, bounced back hotter from their pregnancies, Kylie as shown that she’s a true member of the clan.

February 1, 2018, was the precise day Kylie welcomed her baby with rapper Travis Scott into the world.

She was named Stormi.

It’s exactly a month after Stormi’s birth and Kylie looks like she never even had a baby in the first place.

The proud mother recently took her Snapchat to show off her banging body to her fans.

While celebrating Stormi’s one month birthday, the new mother stole some spotlight for herself.

She posted a selfie of her rocking a black crop top and a black thong to show off her strong curvaceous body.

She revealed her firm flat tummy and captioned it

‘1 moonnnnthh’.

While in a kneeling position with her flowing hair, Kylie looked breathtaking and back to her normal state.

Kylie who stayed away from the public eye revealed her pregnancy journey via a touching video just days after Stormi’s arrival.

In the video, her doctor talked about her gaining about 28-35 pounds extra during her pregnancy.

At 20 weeks, Kylie had gained just 20 pounds.

Although Kylie didn’t share with her fans her weight loss process, it’s very obvious that a lot of hard work was put into regaining her former body.

This comes after Kylie officially shared a picture of her and Stormi on her Instagram page.

In the picture, she was wearing pajamas and sneakers with baby Stormi all wrapped up in her arms.

Kylie faced backlash for this pictures as fans wondered how she was able to care for Stormi with her long nails and how could have time for intense makeup.

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Irrespective of what haters might say, Kylie seems to be doing a great job with Stormi and her body.

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