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Selena Gomez flashes her fabulous body in a bra and black leggings in recent photos

Selena Gomez flashes her fabulous body in a bra and black leggings in recent photos

The beautiful singer recently showed off her features in a photo shoot while wearing a sporty outfit.

Amomama brings to you details of Selena Gomez’s stunning look in a recent photo shoot as reported by Daily Mail on March 2, 2018.

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Selena Gomez has the kind of beauty that freezes time.

In a recent picture, she not only shows off her beauty but her stunning body.

The 25-year-old beauty showed off herself in a photo shoot with Puma.

Just after becoming the new face of Puma last year November, she put herself out there wearing an all Puma ensemble.

To promote the brand, Selena proved herself in some new pictures.

She was spotted wearing a Puma sports bra paired with black leggings and grey and white Puma sneakers.

The shoot was intended to reveal and promote the Ignite Flash training shoe for women.

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Gomez proved a worthy ambassador as she striked seductive poses showing off her firm body.

She showed off her taut, flat tummy and her strong biceps as she held a camcorder.

In another picture, the songstress showed off her beautiful face in a lying down position.

Her flowing hair was tucked behind her ears to expose her gorgeous face.

This picture comes on the same day she wished her beau a happy birthday in a sweet post on Instagram.

She posted a picture of herself in a reclined position with a Polaroid of Justin stuck on her face.

She has a big smile on to celebrate her man.

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She captioned the picture:

‘March 1, 1994, someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom’

The picture gathered over 2 million likes and several comments from fans of the couple.

The lovebirds were recently seen at Justin’s father’s wedding in Jamaica confirming that they were back together.

The couple started them on/off romance back in 2011 and no matter how far they go away from each other they always seem to return back.

Selena’s pictures would sure make you want to get your Ignite Flash training shoes!!

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Happy belated birthday to Justin Bieber.

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