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Ben Affleck shares a cute family moment with his 6-year-old son while teaching him how to steer

Ben Affleck shares a cute family moment with his 6-year-old son while teaching him how to steer

A recent trip to Legoland showed how Ben Affleck is willing to do anything for his children.

The Batman actor got together with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, 45, for a day out to celebrate their son, Samuel’s sixth birthday on Tuesday. Daily Mail has the details.

The doting father rode the Skipper School ride and squeezed himself into a red plastic boat alongside his son at the theme park in Carlsbad, California.

Ben was clad in a leather jacket and in a pair of dark shades. He helped Samuel steer the boat while guiding the wheel. His ex-wife, Garner, was dressed casually in a gray cardigan and jeans. She stood watching from the sidelines.

An eyewitness, who said she was at the park on that day, took a few photos after seeing the Justice League star. She narrated:

“I was enjoying the day with my family when our boat got stuck on the ride. I looked behind me and Ben Affleck was sitting there with his son. I recognized him straight away.”

“He was teaching him how to drive the boat and letting him take the steering wheel. It was really sweet. His kid was just having the best time. He was smiling and having a great time.”

“There were only two seats on the boat so Jennifer was on the side watching over them. She was letting dad and his son have that moment together. After they got off, they walked around the theme park together. I saw them later shopping for souvenirs.”

“They seemed to be having a nice day. It was nice to see their son smiling and having a good time.”

The eyewitness added that she wasn’t sure if the other kids were there since many kids were running around.

Ben and Jennifer have split up in 2015 and filed for legal documents in 2017. They have three children together and continue to co-parent them.

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